“The entire world is just a bad render”

No. Of Teams


Participants Per Team





Prelims- Online submission.
The topic will be disclosed on the Facebook Page.

A video using both 3DModelling software and a Video Editing software of the participant’s choice must be submitted before the deadline specified.

Using both software together does not mean submitting a video and a 3D model separately. The 3D model must be incorporated within the video as a part of the animation.

Results will be declared on the Facebook Page and the website. Usage of templates will lead to disqualification.

The submission date and the topic will disclose on the Facebook page and the website.

6 teams will be selected for the final round.

Final details will be declared on the spot.

Duration:Time limit is 3.5 hrs. Each team is required to carry their own laptops and internet connection to the venue

Judging Criteria: Usage of both disciplines together. Harmony between usage of both disciplines Originality, creativity and aesthetic appeal. Motion Graphics earn you extra points.

Event Incharge
Oliver Raphael